We Are Expanding! New Location!

All For Women Healthcare is expanding! We are currently located in Lakeview and will always have an office there, but we also realize that we have patients further south in Chicago who would benefit from the convenience of an office closer to them. We have answered their need by bringing our office to Rush University Medical Center (RUMC), located west of the Chicago Loop, and north of the University of Illinois Medical Center campus.


RUMC is one of the top medical centers in the country with some of the nation’s best specialists. Now Dr. Tam has joined RUMC to bring her medical and surgical expertise to patients there. If you are a new or current patient of Dr. Tam living in the RUMC area and would like to see her at her office closer to your home, please call us at (773-904-8641) to schedule your next appointment.

Dr. Tam will begin seeing patients at RUMC on October 20th, but her hours at that office will be limited. We are taking appointments now, so call today to find out Dr. Tam’s schedule at her RUMC office and book your appointment.

The address of her RUMC office is 1725 W. Harrison St. Suite 408 & 407, In the Professional Building 1. There is valet parking ($2.00 discount with validation). Call us for more details and with any questions.

New Year’s Resolutions?

24495498_sIt’s here… 2014! A new year, a new frontier to blaze a path to a better life and a better you! Many women start the new year with resolutions to exercise more, lose weight, start a family, and many more. However, we say your main resolution should be to STAY HEALTHY! That starts with YOU! Before you embark on any lifestyle changes – whether that be exercising more, quitting smoking, losing weight, or starting a family – you should make sure your foundation, your body, is up to the task. Knowing that will help you start on and maintain your New Year’s resolutions.

Have you had your yearly exam? While it’s easy to overlook in today’s crazy busy world, don’t! Nothing will motivate you more than knowing your body is up to the task. There is more to your annual exam than just a PAP smear, too. It is also important to have a yearly pelvic exam which can detect fibroids, cysts, tumors, and other issues above and beyond your PAP smear. Aches and pains may be warning signs of underlying problems, so be sure to come in for your annual exam… well… annually, of course!

11148278_sAre you planning on having a baby this year? Now would be a good time to get in shape, before you start your pregnancy. Exercise does wonders during pregnancy and getting into the habit before you get pregnant will help inspire you to stay healthy through your pregnancy. Exercise can help revitalize you and give you more energy which you’ll need during pregnancy.

Speaking of exercise during pregnancy, you may wonder if it’s safe and what exercises can you perform? Well, first and foremost, consult with your doctor BEFORE you start any exercise program during your pregnancy, whether that be your family practice physician or Dr. Tam. They can give you their expert medical opinion on how you should get into an exercise program and what program(s) may work best for your particular condition.

3597757_mFor instance, being 8 months into your pregnancy may be a bad time to start high impact aerobics or training for a triathlon, but starting yoga or swimming might be just fine. Dr. Tam, being an athlete herself (having run 27+ marathons during her lifetime) has great advice on an appropriate exercise program for you. For you pregnant runners out there, don’t worry. Dr. Tam has plenty of experience helping you stay “on track” during your pregnancy.

Starting an exercise or weight loss program? You should also consult with your doctor before engaging in any weight loss / weight management program, or exercise program, even if you’re not planning on getting pregnant in the near future. Your overall health should be taken into account and evaluated by your physician before subjecting yourself to any form of dieting and exercise. This will help prevent injury or the occurrence of other medical problems that may deter you from reaching your goals. Be careful with fad diets and weight loss supplements, too. Most of those don’t work or can put a strain on your body and metabolism. Don’t rely on informercial claims and promises. It’s your body and your life. Make the smart choice and talk to your doctor FIRST!

23397854_sWith the new year ahead of you, it’s time to make smart choices about you, your body, and your lifestyle.

Stay healthy and, above all, best wishes for an outstanding 2014!

Happy Holidays!

The Holidays always signal the end of another year, and what a year it has been at All For Women Healthcare!  Since opening in July, we have gotten to know many, many great patients – old and new alike. Thank you all for your continued loyalty and support of Dr. Tam’s new practice.

The holiday are not only a busy time for shoppers and the kiddies, it’s also a busy time for us. As December 31st draws near, many patients are trying to get in their yearly exams and other medical visits before the start of the new year, for insurance reasons. Our schedule fills quickly, so call or book your appointment online soon to get a time and date that is convenient for you.

Dr. Tam and her staff, Toni and Pat, want to wish all their wonderful patients and their family a joyous and wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!