Inspired as a Child – Dr. Tam in the News (again!)

17794296_sEver wonder what makes a person pursue the career they chose? Whether it be a policeman, fireman, engineer, teacher, accountant, doctor… somewhere along the line, a personal choice was made to enter a career.  Perhaps in your own case, your career chose you?

With Dr. Tam, it was a little of both. In a recent article by Scott Warner, published on the website of the renown Chicago Medical Society, he interviews Dr. Tam about her journey into medicine and how she redefined her well-established medical career at a time when most physicians have settled on theirs.

Click on this link to read the article, “An OB/Gyne Reinvents Herself“, by CMS columnist, Scott Warner. it’s a wonderful story.

Dr. Tam in the News!

17794296_sBesides being a compassionate physician and highly skilled surgeon, Dr. Tam is also a professor of medicine at Presence Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston, Illinois, just north of Chicago. She was recently featured in an article published in the “Evanston Roundtable“, an online news source for the town of Evanston. The article focused on Dr. Tam and her involvement in teaching residents minimally invasive surgery using the daVinci Robotic Surgery system.

Courtesy of Evanston Roundtable

Teresa Tam, M.D. instructs residents at Presence St. Francis Hospital in minimally invasive robotic surgery. (Photo by Mary Mumbrue. Courtesy of Evanston Roundtable.)

The article also reported on Dr. Tam and Saint Francis being among the first hospitals to use “Firefly Imaging” technology in gynecologic robotic surgery. The FireFly system employs a special non-toxic dye which fluoresces bright green under infrared light, and an infrared robotic camera capable of seeing this fluorescence during surgery. This dye targets abnormal cells and greatly aids in the visualization of abnormal tissues (such as endometriosis) during their removal in surgery. This allows for more complete removal of the tissue and better prognosis for the patient.

You can read the complete article here:
Residents at Presence St. Francis Learn Robotic Surgery Techniques

Dr. Tam was also interviewed by Karie Angell Luc from the Chicago SunTimes on the same day. Her interview was presented on their website. Watch it here (note: it may take a minute to start and to get past the ad) :

We Are Expanding! New Location!

All For Women Healthcare is expanding! We are currently located in Lakeview and will always have an office there, but we also realize that we have patients further south in Chicago who would benefit from the convenience of an office closer to them. We have answered their need by bringing our office to Rush University Medical Center (RUMC), located west of the Chicago Loop, and north of the University of Illinois Medical Center campus.


RUMC is one of the top medical centers in the country with some of the nation’s best specialists. Now Dr. Tam has joined RUMC to bring her medical and surgical expertise to patients there. If you are a new or current patient of Dr. Tam living in the RUMC area and would like to see her at her office closer to your home, please call us at (773-904-8641) to schedule your next appointment.

Dr. Tam will begin seeing patients at RUMC on October 20th, but her hours at that office will be limited. We are taking appointments now, so call today to find out Dr. Tam’s schedule at her RUMC office and book your appointment.

The address of her RUMC office is 1725 W. Harrison St. Suite 408 & 407, In the Professional Building 1. There is valet parking ($2.00 discount with validation). Call us for more details and with any questions.